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Manage subscriptions

We manage recurring payments for digital services for you.

Leave all the work to Zotlo such as accepting payments, renewing subscriptions, canceling subscriptions, refunding and all other processes. Just focus on growing your business.

Zotlo offers you a fully integrated subscription management platform.

Web 2 App

Receive payments from over 100 countries.

Zotlo supports over 30 currencies and 8 different credit card infrastructures.

With only one integration, you can start receiving payments from more than 100 countries.

While growing your product globally, receiving money in local currency helps to increase your sales.

Create your product and start selling with Zotlo.

Pos Support

Explore the world of Web 2 App

Some businesses prefer that users pay on the web before they are redirected to the app. This method is particularly common among streaming and media apps.

Zotlo is a "growth partner" to you. With Zotlo, you can easily integrate Web 2 App and avoid 30% commission rates of app stores.


Track your reports instantly

You can track all your activities on Zotlo's user-friendly panel.

You can get detailed reports about your income and subscriptions on the basis of

  • country
  • plan
  • currency.
Payment Pages & API

Integrate easily and quickly

With "no code" integration, create common payment pages which are customizable and have different themes.

If you wish, you can receive payments on a "customized" payment page of your own platform.

Click to view our easy and clear API documents.

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